Just a Quick Insight.

30 Nov

Hello Beautiful People. Firstly; Thanks for being here, reading this and Generally just being you. Secondly; Unless you want to know the little details about me, I suggest you get off this page, turn off your computer and go and explore the world.

My full name is Nicholas William Randall. What my parents where thinking when they called me this, is beyond me. The only reason I can explain why I have such an upper class name is that James and Norah Randall both asked themselves at my birth “How can we make our baby boy sound like a Doctor who studied at Cambridge?”
I live in the beautiful, glorious town of Wigan. Yes, you can stop rubbing your eyes, I’m not actually from the south, I’m a northern Boy who loves Pies and Pies and Pies and P… You get the message.
Okay, Now the actual serious bit of this. My hobbies consist of Running, attempting to be funny and Volunteering at my Awesome Church. I feel Today’s Community Church is my home, I Love the place, Love the people and Love being there. It’s the place of many epic memories.
I am a little person
Age of 15 and 5″ 4/5′
Yes Small and proud. S.A.P.
I’ve got a real love for Music and Films

…You know what, You just read those last few details about myself and you’re probably considering to leave this page, Those little details about myself are a bit useless and You don’t really want to know the height of me. Yes, They were pretty pointless. Moving on…

I wont try and amuse you any longer, I have one final thing to say; I created this Blog purely because of 1 reason, a reason in which I will probably include in future articles. But purely just to share my ideas with Friends, Family, People I don’t know and well, the rest of the world. Stay tuned for some fun filled articles about me and my ideas about Christianity, Maybe the odd Poem, compliment, rant. You know what, Just stay tuned.

Oh and one more thing.
I have two favourite sayings.
“Food is Food” and the word ‘Roid. If you’re from the south and you don’t know what a ‘roid is, just keep reading, I’m sure it will eventually crop up.

Happy Reading.

Nicholas William Randall.

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