Walking in the Light

08 Dec

Good Day! Today I am writing to tell you about Light. This could be a possible series of articles; 2; 3; 4, who knows maybe just this one, maybe I’ll come back to it later on in life, maybe not. Only time will tell. I’ll do my best to include all the ideas God has placed in me, if not then I’ll just keep adding things and chipping away, who knows, I might make a sculpture if I chip enough away.

How Great is God’s power? I mean He created the world in 6 days, 7 if you include the day of rest. But a week! One week! I always read the first chapter of Genesis and am astounded every time when I read God created the world in 7 days!
In the space of a week he created Earth, Light, Land, Water, Sky, Moon, Sun, Night, Day, Birds, Men, Turtles, Dolphins, Plants, Food (And Food is Food!) and everything else! He created all that in such a short time. In 7 days the most interesting thing I do is Biting both ends off a KitKat Chunky, getting some warm milk and using the KitKat as a straw. Yes, I am cool.
God created the world and gave it to us as a gift. He made the Earth, then made Light:
‘And God said “Let there be Light.” And there was light. God saw that the light was good and he separated light from darkness.’ – Genesis 1:3-4
Light is awesome, it represents all good things in God, so walking in The Light would be walking in all good things of the Lord.
Before the light was made, the earth was made. First his kingdom, then his light. His kingdom is Earth because we are his people, his loyal servants, disciples who live in his kingdom. We worship him from and Earthly Kingdom, and he is in his Spiritual Kingdom. First we should look to God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6:33) then we should look to his light… I suppose, really, that we shouldn’t look for his light, because we’re surrounded by his light. Always. His Light isn’t something we should need to look for, because it’s there right in front of our noses. We shouldn’t seek it, no, we should use it. Light was given to us as a gift. If someone gives you a gift you don’t discard it, you use it. If I came to your house and handed you an iPad as a gift, you wouldn’t drop it to the floor and then jump on it. You would use it, for your own purposes. That’s the same with God’s light. It has been given to us – as a gift – for us to use against the devil’s wicked, sly ways.
God’s light is one of the greatest gifts he has given to us. His light keeps us from darkness. Wherever there is light, darkness cannot prevail. And Vice-Versa. But only, wherever the is darkness just switch on God’s light. Let there be light.
Whenever you feel the devil blindfolding you or your candle beginning to flicker, just say to yourself “let there be light.”
“Let there be Light.”
A whisper perhaps; “Let there be light”
Or Shout it if necessary “Let there be light!”
Let there be light.
Let God’s gift of glorious light shine in and through us.
You cannot be full of light if you’re corrupt with darkness.
‘The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.’ – Romans 13:12
There’s a reason God separated light from darkness on the first day of creation. Light is good, God saw that and so he pulled light from darkness. Light is good. God’s light is good! Let’s walk in God’s good light! Lets put aside the deeds of darkness. Carry the gift of light in one hand and the word to preach in the other, let us do this and walk along the glorious journey of God’s light!
Don’t give up, Don’t do it. If you feel tempted at all, in any way, then just tell yourself “let there be light.” Just persevere, the night is almost over, the day is almost here. Just keep going. Don’t take that, it’s not yours. Turn that off of your computer, it’s impure. Don’t say that nasty thought, it’s not Christ-like. The light is nearly here, don’t walk blindly along the devil’s path of sin.
Switch on the light.
The light will reveal what the devil is trying to do to you,
It will show you God’s power,
It will give you fulfillment.
With the light on, you’ll be able to walk without falling over any obstacles in your way. You’ll see what’s coming towards you. And hopefully dodge it.
Drop the Deeds of Darkness.
Walk with light. Walk in light.
Put on the armor of light, It’s your protection. Light saved you, made you see and now wants to protect you from the burning arrows of the evil one. Wear the suit of light with pride! Wear it with respect! Wear it with honour! Wear it with Love! Wear it with significance! Wear it with Wisdom! Put on the Light, only then you’ll break out of darkness, sin and the chains, and instead you’ll break into freedom!
Cast aside those deeds of darkness, they’re holding you back, they’re making you blind. Let there be light!
I always Think that when Jesus Resurrected on the third day, that the first thing he saw when the tomb’s stone rolled away was the light. The light which I always think reminded him that he has saved us. I always think that the light showed him what his sacrifice had done. Set us free. I always think that when he saw the light he thought in his head “Let there be Light. Glorious, fantastic Light!”
I want you to understand this.
1) God is Light
2) God separated Light from Darkness for a reason
3) Walk in the Light
4) The night is almost over, God’s light is around the corner. Persevere.
5) Wear the armor of Light to knock back the devil.
6) “Let there be light!”
7) Whenever you feel darkness creeping around the corner, open the blinds! Ask God for help and Let there be Light!
Light is good, it’s actually awesome. What are you going to cast aside? God’s gift of light, or the deeds of darkness?
I know what I’d choose.
Drop the Darkness.
What will you do to walk in God’s light?
What will you drop?
How will you wear God’s light?
Will you show people God’s light?
Will you become Light?

Just ask yourself over this next coming week.
“How Can I Spread Light?”

Just give 1John 1:5-10 a read (and beyond if you like, it’s a good piece of scripture)

Thanks for reading, Stay tuned for some more ideas. Maybe some on light, maybe not. We’ll have to see.

See you soon, Happy Blogging.



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15 responses to “Walking in the Light

  1. Christopher

    December 8, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    heyy mannn you saythat god created the world in 6 days , thats just not true maan , physics shows how the world was made not some guy making it in a couple o days it takes yearrrs to create the universe man , i always ask why did god put things like earthequakes on the world but i get no reply man,

    • nickowilran

      December 8, 2012 at 4:43 pm

      Well mate, The Bible tells us that God did create the world in 7 days. If you don’t believe that then it’s your decision. But God created earthquakes and volcanoes for a reason which is beyond our understanding. God did/does everything for a purpose and for a reason, the reason is beyond us, You’ve just got to trust God. 🙂

  2. Christopher

    December 9, 2012 at 11:19 am

    zero reason why god would create earthquakes dude, i aint a religion myself but im open to the concept, but that sounds like someone trying to make something up to hide the fact they cant answer the reason theres so much evil on this world man, iv had 3 close relatives die before their time , and for what ? nothing. There is no spiritual reason behind it beyond our understanding. Its just the fact that theres a very large hole in yourwa religion.Which i think you all kinda just brush it to one side man. And man if you believe every word of the bible you think we came adam and eve and satan(why god created him do not know) was really just snake and we didnt really jus evolve from moneys

    • nickowilran

      December 9, 2012 at 8:14 pm

      My Friend. I’m trying my best here. Just closely read what i put. I’m not being patronising or trying to be annoying, but honestly, please, just read what I’m going to put. Everything happens for a reason. Weather it’s big or it’s small, honestly, there’s a reason it rains, there’s a reason why that door was locked, there’s a reason why there was no fruit at the supermarket on wednesday evening, there’s a reason why you lost relatives. Listen, this is the honest truth right here: I’ve recently lost one of my relatives (if you want the details. His Name was Gerrard Barton. He was my uncle and he fell down the stairs and fractured his skull, thus instantly ending his life) That happened for a reason. Whenevr anything bad happens to me, whenever anything good happens, I always tell myself two things “This is for a reason” and “Just Trust God” And what I’m telling you is, trust me through what is being said; Trust God. Trust God. And you may be reading this and thinking ‘What on earth is the boy talking about’ Well Chris, I’m talking about this. The Grace of God. Some people only see the bad things in life, now I’m not calling you negative, I am just saying there are more good things than bad things in the world. Yes there are earthquakes and volcanoes but there is also life, a new born baby looking into it’s mother’s eyes for the first time, there’s happiness there’s Love, There’s Friends, Family. That all came from God as a gift to us. We are unworthy, but he did it anyway because he’s so awesome! I swear it, just trust God, Trust him, trust me. Everything. Everything,. Absolutely Everything happens for a reason. Weather you want to listen to this or not, it does, I swear it, everything happens for na reason. So just trust God.

      • Christopher

        December 9, 2012 at 9:03 pm

        the reason it rains is because evaporated water has to go back to the ocean, absolutly everything on the world science can explain. but god ? nope i was a christian man quite a strong one to, you sound like a protestant,but i was what you call a pentecostal christian, you may not of heard of it
        but the reason i lost faith was not because of my son dying. It was actually a derran brown program i watched hes a british guy so you have probly heard of him , he showed how religion is realy just something in your brain what you want to be there , the way you talk (about saying how great god is) is exactly what he was talking about , he made a atheist turn christian by not even saying anything about god, then told her it was all in her head. Honestly man i dont feel like my life is worthless now i dont think there is something after. i feel like my life is more precious and i should live my one life to the best i can

      • nickowilran

        December 9, 2012 at 10:22 pm

        Yes. Water evaporates. By heat from the sun. Which was made by God. And Yes Chris, You are correct about that, I am a penticostal Christian. And also, I have heard of Derren Brown. And what I Think about you is Chris, I don’t mean to insult you or upset you. In fact I like talking to you, But if you say that you weren’t pulled from faith even when your son died, well truly sir, that is astounding, so encouraging. But when you tell me that watching something on television made you turn away from faith, well that puzzles me. You seem like a good guy Chris. Really, you do. But TV programmes are put there to distract us from his glory. I don’t know, Maybe the devil put that programme there to make you turn your back on faith. And now, well he’s chuckling to himself isn’t he? Listen mate, if you where such a strong Christian then I urge you to try and come back to God. He still loves you. If you can be still a Jesus Lover even after losing someone as so precious as your son, then honestly Chris, that is Brilliant! That is deeply moving, Don’t let something so petty as an hour long television show pull you into shade. I still believe there is hope for you. Really, I do. You’re a good guy.

  3. Christopher

    December 10, 2012 at 8:18 pm

    man you cant just say that when something happens what you cant really back up with faiith you cant just say its the devil. And water evaporates from heat from the suun . but it dosent mean god made the sun man. Dude honestly im a better person now iv seen that religion is an unnecessary evil . i dont think i shouldnt treat people well because i wont be rewarded in heaven. i treat people well because thats the way i want to be treated . christian values are true but it doesnt have a link with god . look at animals for instance.
    also dude the bible says the earth is 5000 years old,man humans have been here longer than that
    the story of creation is like an episode of the flintstones. years ago this could all be believed but not now we know the truth (scientific truth), you have the right to believe what you believe dude , if there was a law brought in saying all religions are banned , i would march and protest for them not to be banned because people have to right to believe what they want and have the right to be wrong
    when i was a christian i used to think gays should go to hell , now i march for gay rights
    you dont believe in 9999 gods i dont believe in 10000 its as simple as that man. believe what you want but please dude you seem like a nice guy , dont waste your life devoted to much man like i did all those years. even if you still believe (god still loves you no matter what so it dosent matter if you break a few rules such as sex before marriage and contraception and using the lords name in vein because in your belief god still loves you so please im begging you man dont devote yourself to much

    • nickowilran

      December 10, 2012 at 8:52 pm

      I already have my friend, my religion is my life. God created my life. He’s given me visions, wisdom, told me what to do. God loves me, as he loves you. I don’t think Homosexuals should go to hell, and to be quite honest I don’t think they do. God loves us all, me you, homosexuals, presidents, atheists. Everyone. It’s not that I can’t answer a question, that is my reason for you being doubtful of the King. The devil, that is what I truly, truly believe.
      And besides, Iove being a Christian, I’ve never been happier, I’ve only been a stron Christian since April (ish) but these months have been the happiest time of my life, and it’s all thanks to God and his plan for me. I appreciate talking to you Chris, and it’s sometimes good to know about other people’s opinions without them trying to start an argument. You’re a good guy. And You’re right about some things, but The Devil has put them things inside you to tell me to make me doubt also, Like he put them into Derren Brown to make you Doubt (and others). But I’m afraid you’re not going to convert me to who I used to be, I have seen God’s Light, and he helps me everyday 🙂

  4. Christopher

    December 11, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    you cant say science is the devil dude, its fact
    after burying my son i realized that there would be no possible plan for him he did nothing wrong man. so much pain i felt because of this. why did god create his worst enemy man it dont make any sense. and like i said before man whats the difference in yourwa god and the ancient roman gods
    the way i see it , its just rules written long ago to make people behave. we have been doing itsince the egyptions. and after many years gods die out. its happening now man. churches aare shutting down because there are no priests left any more and people dont believe any more
    my brother died 10 years ago fighting in iraq . when religion is gone eventually the world will be a better place man. no more killing for something that dosent matter. i dont blame the iraq soldiers for believing in islam (unlike religious people , i treat them all the same) i blame religions for causingg them to fight
    anyway man i will leave you now you will be glad to hear live you life to the fullest.

    • nickowilran

      December 11, 2012 at 4:57 pm

      You need to understand though mate, Religion isn’t Jesus. God isn’t owned by religion, he can’t be bought or boxed in. He is God. I love Jesus, I love that he dies for me, but the concept of religion makes people think like you are now, Jesus said everyone should be forgiven, whereas religion (not religious people) said that they couldn’t come to their church because they have commited such crimes. You’ve got so much hate for the concept of religion, as I do, but the only difference between me and you is that you take your hate for religion out on God where as I, well I don’t take it out on anyone, I just try to focus my mind on what Jesus taught, nobosdy else. You need to see that Jesus is glorious. And this may contradict myself, but I don’t care, Our Religion is not a list of rules, It’s a way of life.

  5. paul

    December 19, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    chris is right man, how can you devote your life to religion because nowadays science has an explanation or a theory for everything. greek mythology existed simply to explain what couldnt be explained, what makes christianity any different?we arent living in ancient times, we have science and explanations so why people still abide to this ancient way of life is beyond me. nothing in the bible is believable or fact based information, i suppose that is why they teach it to young kids, because they’re gullible enough to believe it.

    • nickowilran

      December 19, 2012 at 9:54 pm

      Well you’re smart, I’m 15, so that makes me gullible. And Wow, why so patronising? Is it because you’re insecure yourself and you feel the need to put people down? I know where I’m going when I die, the only reason you want to be so stubborn and horrible is because you’re unsure about where you’re going when you die, you may even be delusional about that too. But at the end of the day I know what’s going to happen to me when I die. Chris has humility about him, he seems like a good guy. You just seem angry to me. You feel the need to take your anger out on religion, What have we done to you? I was born to Love people, arrogent people, people who persecute me. That’s my sole purpose, to love people. And I’m willing to do that, but because you’re unsure about yourself and why you’re here you take it out on people who follow a religion. If you don’t want ot believe me that God loves you because you’d rather turn to science then fine. But God still loves you, he’ll always love you and he’ll never stop loving you. oh, and by the way, The Big Bang Theory, is a Theory, No more of a theory than God creating the world. Your just arrogant about your theory where as I am not. God Loves you.

  6. Christopher

    December 20, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    i think what he means dude is that they teach religion from when your a very young age, its the same everywere.
    and i dont think its fair that you say paul insecure about himself man you dont know the guy, he could be a really nice caring person like yourself who is very secure about himself. and just to say the big bang is backed up with fact. and what about evolution?
    again dude i aint tryna be causing an argument or patronizing , and im certainly not tryna gang up on you man i like you dude you seem like a nice young man. but can you ask yourself this, going back to the point of believing religion from a young age, would you believe in your god if you were born in deli or saudi arabia . probably not you would believe in islam or hinduism. but like i said man im not tryna argue im just making a point

  7. paul

    December 20, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    exactly, religion is just regional based, if you lived in another continent where christianity was not the common religion you would just end up following another religion. also if there can only be one god and we gain access to heaven through worshiping that god then what about the people of other religions, how can god accept them into heaven if they are breaking the commandment to only worship him, there is so many flaws in christianity no wonder people are finally coming to their senses, so if god loves us all then why wont he accept Jews, Hindus or Sikhs into heaven, its not their fault if they are born into a religion and live by it their whole life and then find out in the end that they worshipped the wrong god. and i believe in the big bang and evolution as they are logical explanations that use fact to persuade people not just faith, you say that some kind of god creating the entire world in 6 days is a valid theory?? you know what a theory needs? some kind of fact or evidence to base it on. the big bang theory has all the facts and evidence needed to make it completely believable. you know you come across as an intelligent young man nicholas and i respect that, but when you actually believe that a god created the universe in less than a week i just wonder how someone can believe that. I think you worship this god because your afraid of death, afraid that there is no after life, people have always been narrow minded like this, trying to believe in something that isn’t there to make them feel better, well good for you nicholas if it makes you happy then believe in this spiritual and religious stuff but im just stating my opinion, i have a great life and am not insecure in the slightest so please dont assume things like that about me.

    • nickowilran

      December 20, 2012 at 7:49 pm

      Ok fair enough, I was in the wrong and I didn’t mean to sound hasty, You may be secure about yourself and you probably are, like Chris said, I don’t know you, you could be the happiest man alive and I’m sorry for jusging you. But, I believe that God created the earth because he loved us. We may not have been created yet but, he’s omnipresent and loved us before we where born, and in this case, created. I also believe that the world came from him because of love. God is love and that all the beauty of the earth, life, love and humanity came from God, he created all those things. I don’t think that the earth was made, and everything that is in it from nothing, that everything came from nothing. And like I said, I was born to love people, I don’t know who goes to heaven or who goes to hell my real prupose in life is to love people. I Can’t give you an answer of “They all go to heaven” or “they all go to Hell” because I don’t know. God is the ultimate judge and he diceides who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. I’m just a servent. God has his own reasons for sending people to hevaen or hell, which we wouldn’t understand because God’s mind is so much more complicated and meaningful than ours, so we would never understand.


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