Be the Light. Take off the Lampshade.

19 Dec

This Article is the conclusion to the previous post; God is Greater. If you haven’t read that one, then I suggest you do, It’ll be on this blog either scroll down or click on some things. It’ll be worth it. I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet but you will understand this one more if you’ve read it.

Read it? Ok then, This scripture is from Acts 9:10-18 and unlike the last one I wont be disecting it verse for verse. I have many points but I don’t have nine (one per verse).

Just to recap, There was a guy named Saul who killed Christians and was on his way to Damascus and was suddenly knocked to the floor by a Light. A Light from Jesus, telling Saul that he has done wrong persecuting him. Saul got up but was blind, His gaurds where speechless and had to lead him by hand and all that awesome stuff. If you haven’t read the full scripture, I plead you to do it. It’s a good one.

‘In Damascus there was a disciple named Ananias. The Lord called him in a vision, “Ananias!” “Yes, Lord,” he answered. The Lord told him, “Go to the house of Judas on Straight Street and ask for a man from Tarsus named Saul, for he is praying. In a vision he has seen a man named Ananias come and place his hands on him to restore his sight.” “Lord,” Ananias answered, “I have heard many reports about this man and all the harm he has doen to your saints in Jerusalem. And he has come here with Authority from the chief priests to arrest all who call on your name.” But the Lord said to Ananias, “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to carry my name before the Gentiles and their kings and before the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for my name.” Then Ananias went to the house and entered it. Placing his hands on Saul, he said “Brother Saul, the Lord – Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here – has sent me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit.” Immediately, something like Scales fell from Saul’s eyes and he could see again. He got up and was baptized.’

God had a plan for Ananias before he even knew. God had already told Saul that there will be a man, named Ananias, who will come to him and restore his sight. Ananias didn’t agree to this, he didn’t volunteer to this. God just chose him without his consent. Which, I know makes God sound like someone who relies on people too much, but what I’m trying to say is, that God truly has a plan for us all and he has decided what he wants to do with us before we even know. Sometimes he’ll call us to do small things, like give a homeless person a bit of money, or somthing a little bigger; Paying for someone’s Lunch. Or something massive like being called to lead a church. God has a plan for us all so we must always be ready to commit to what he has asked us to do.
God called Ananias to give somebody Light, he told – not asked – Ananias to go a find a man named Saul and give him back his sight. He was called to take off his lampshade and give somebody light. Ananias is a good role model. If there is a good story about shining light upon someone, this is it. Saul was a Christian-slayer. He killed Christians. But God called Ananias to restore his sight. Not only does it show that God is mercyful and forgives everyone, but it also shows that God wanted Saul to have a better life – as a Christian.
The point of this half of the Scruipture is that We can be other people’s light. We can bring people into Light! When Saul was healed, not only could he see again but he got baptized, and became a foloower of Jesus! That’s awesome! A murder turned into a Christian, all because Ananias decided to be his Light.
But like Ananias, we can be hesitant to do this. If people have hurt us or prosectued us in the past we feel like we don’t have to help them, that it’s not our duty, they’ve had their chance, why should we help them?
Why should we help them?
I’ll tell you why. When Jesus was on the Cross, no deceit was found in his mouth, he could’ve damned them to hell, but he didn’t, instead he said “Father forgive them, they know not what they do!” And so they where forgiven. We are followers of Christ, meaning we should try to be like him. We should forgive people like Jesus did.
Also, Jesus chose the worst type of people to convert to Christianity; Protitutes, Tax Collectors, Murderers. Saul wasn’t even just a murderer he killed Christians. Little did Saul know he was going to be saved by a Christian though.
When people prosecute us are we right not to help them? No. We are no better than them. They prosecute us and we return the favour by not helping and loving them. We should be Lamps, Not Lampshades. We can be people’s light, we just need to make the decision to take off the stubborn Lampshade from off our heads.
If we give people a glimpse of Light, we might be able to bring them out of Darkness, they could get hungry for God’s light and cast aside the sin they have been living in. When we make the decision to not love people we are taking away the oppourtunity from them to love God. We’re depriving them of a saviour! They can’t be saved if they see no light. They can’t be Saved if they have no Saviour.
We need to shine our Light upon people!
Some may shy away from it,
Some may not care,
But Some may be Healed,
Some people might become followers of Christ.
All they need is a Light, They’re just searching for a Light, but all they can find is sin.
Let’s be the provider of their Light.
Take off the Lampshade.
Be the Light!
Be their Light!

Let’s find a Saul, Let’s save them. Let’s be a Lamp. Not a Lampshade.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

Be the Light!


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