Be the Miracle.

14 Jan


The other day I was talking to a guy I know and he said: “The only way I’ll come to God is if I witness a miracle”
So my first thought was, right lets try and make a miracle for him to witness. So I was praying; Praying about healing in myself, healing in my mate, for him to witness a miracle.
then I cam up with a fantasty which went like this: “Yes, one of my closest mates who isn’t a Christian may be able to come to God through a miracle he’ll witness! I’m so excited, I’ll have a Christian mate outside of church…” and that went on and on for weeks, me, on the edge for a miracle.
Then one day I was just listening to some worship, and the moment was that insigificant and unexpected I can’t even remember where I was or what I was doing, and a phrase came into my head “Be the Miracle”
And I was sure it was from God, I still am. There’s a reason why that popped into my head and the reason is for me to Be the Miracle.

So, again I thought something that was totally incorrect; So this time I was praying to God and asking him to make me say the right words and hopefully this will make my friend come to God
So I started preaching to him, and I think, it did more harm than good. I thought that what I said could bring him to God and that’s the only thing I had to do. And again, I was waiting and speaking and attempting to be the miracle and nothing happend. So, I went back to what God had told me.
“Be the Miracle.”
Be the Miracle…

Then, third time lucky I thought the right thing.
Being the Miracle isn’t about saying the right thing but doing the right thing. Showing him that I’m a Christian rather than saying that I’m one. Giving him evidence what God has done in my life.

‘Dear Children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.’ – 1John 3:18 (NIV)

Loving with words is good. Giving somebody a compliment can change the course of their day. But faith without deeds is dead. What is faith without actions?
Let us love with actions. Let us show our love by the things we do. Let us be and not just say. Lets us show that the holy spirit is in us.

Be the Miracle…

With everything, it always starts with a Decision.
Just make the decision to change what you say into who you are and what you do.
Speaking is fine, but it’s only a foundation. It’s just the support of the building of deeds.
Be what you say.
Be the Miracle.
Let us love with Actions

Be the Miracle.

Thanks for Reading.



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