A Beautiful Gift

06 Feb

His Death, was Glorious,
It was a Beautiful Gift.
It’s also Biblical Truth,
It is no Myth.

We’ve Been Saved,
By the Decision We’ve Made.
We’ve been put into Light,
And Pulled out from the Shade.

But some People don’t know that.
And they don’t know Him.
So they continue to Hate.
And they continue to Sin.

They need to see,
That like you and me,
They too can Be,
Unconditionally Free!

Let’s Help them Repent!
Remove them from Torment,
Give to them what we freely recieved.
A Beautiful Present.

They need to know Life!
They’re tied up and Chained.
We need to Free them,
And Get their lives Reclaimed.

The first step is Glorifying him.
Our Great God from Above.
To do this, we need to do Random acts of Kindness
And show people our Love.

So, Let’s go and do it!
I mean, Why not?
God’s provided us with all the right tools, weapons and armour
For this Battle to be Fought.

Let’s Keep Praying
That their lives will be Unbound.
And Let’s keep saying
That God’s Love goes around and around and around and around.

That’s it.
Full Stop.
End Of Story.
I don’t need to rhyme to explain the true importance of this.
This isn’t a Poem.
This isn’t a request.
It’s our Duty as Disciples
To let others know what he did for us
what he does for us
and what he will do for us.

Let’s let people know of him by lifting his name.
But not for our Glory, so He can have the Fame.

We need to let people know of him.
And his Amazing name we need to Lift.
Because his death was Glorious
It was a Beautiful Gift.

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Posted by on February 6, 2013 in Godly Ideas, Poetry, Raise The Faith


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