Cutting Corners

02 Mar

When building a house, cutting corners means that it will get finished fast but it will be weak and and the foundations won’t be correct. If you cut corners whilst trying to build something, like your faith and relationship with God, You can mess things up. Again, when building a house, if builders didn’t put the roof on correct the finished product wont actually be finished and it’ll be damp on the inside after it has rained, the walls will crumble and eventually the house will topple to the ground.

Ever heard the saying, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly?

This one time, Me and my Dad where getting the car washed. We parked it up and went into the ‘waiting area’. The chairs where broken, plastic, dirty garden chairs. The kettle had that much limescale on it, it looked like it was from Mars. And to top it off the roof was held together with plastic bags. That had been made without care, shortcuts where the foundation of it.

They knew that if they put a little more effort in, it could have been fantastic, it could have been the best waiting area ever. But because they put it on the ‘Do Later List’ it was badly made and the finished product was a bit of a let down.

Sometimes it’s like that with faith, we sometimes push God to the side and leave the Bible as something to read later, telling yourself that you’re going to pray every morning, but after 1 week of it you stop. Sometimes we’ll do absolute minimum for God.
It’s time to stop that. It’s time to persevere with what we do. If we tell ourselves that we’re going to read our Bible’s more, then let’s do it! Nobody’s stopping us, only ourselves. I think it’s time we should decide to make the effort and put a little more time and effort into Doing things for God. Remember, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.

If it’s worth having a relationship with God (and trust me, it is!) then it’s worth doing properly, it’s worth just getting up a little earlier to pray or read your Bible a little longer.

Taking shortcuts and trying to do as much as possible with as little effort as possible is like this: You’re building a tower of boxes. At first you try to keep all of them in line with each other, but after a while you begin to get a little lazy, bored, stale, so you still add the boxes on but you’re a lot more careless with them, some not being in line, some being too far to the left, others being too far to the right. And you think nothing of it, but after a while boxes begin to fall off due to the incorrect balance. If you really want the tower of boxes to be strong standing you need to put time into it and give it a little bit of tender, loving care.

Will your house of your relationship with God still be standing after a rainstorm? If the answer is “Yes” well done, keep doing what you’re doing, just make sure you’re prepared for the rain.
If “No” Then you’re going to have to relay your foundations. If a house is built on odd foundations the house won’t be right. You’re going to have to knock some things down and rebuild, only this time ensure that your relationship with God is built to the best of your ability. Oh, and Make sure God’s the centre of it. God is your cement. Keep building.

I know this is only short and it has no Bible verse to it. Was just a thought that’s all.
Thanks For reading, Happy Blogging.

Nick-Will 🙂


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2 responses to “Cutting Corners

  1. Scott Jones

    March 2, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Great read, mate. Very true. God deserves our first, our most attention and to not be left out.

    • nickowilran

      March 2, 2013 at 1:52 pm

      Cheers Scott. And it is, God gave it all for us, the least we can do is look to him first.


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