B.R.E.A.D. (Part 1)

05 Mar

This article is in the series Raise The Faith. I know this series hasn’t had an official opening, but it’s here now and it doesn’t need one.

Raise the faith is all about us raising awareness of Jesus. In our Work, School and Leisure places.
This article is part one of 3 and as you can see it’s titled B.R.E.A.D. It does have a meaning to it, so no need to worry, this is not my shopping list.



The secret to raising the faith is bread. It’s about being revolutionary, ebullient and daring. BREAD will be the motto for the next three posts and probably will be used throughout the series of Raise The Faith.

After that quick introduction, I’m now ready to begin. Part one of BREAD is about being revolutionary.

Revolutionary: Activities, organizations, or people who have the aim of causing a revolution.

We need to be people of the revolution by starting a fire, a fire that will in time turn into a raging blaze, something that can’t be stopped. We need to create the domino effect, once we act some people will get inspired and they too will act and then this goes on untill we are the revolution.

So, you ask. “Nick, how can I be a revolutionary?” Well, reader, This is very simple;
Do random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
Get it?
Showing people what God has done inside you via random acts of love, help, grace, mercy, kindness.
Because God has done something in you, whether you’re unsure he exists or if you’re a Christian on fire, God’s done something in you.
All you need to do is show people love, have a great heart by doing random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

But, Be a revolutionary, not a mercenary. You don’t have to be arrogant after you’ve done something good. Have a bit of humility, once you’ve done something nice for someone, That’s it, you don’t need to ask for praise or for something back. It’s a senseless act of beauty, you don’t need a logical answer to do it. Just do it!

That’s it, Part one is finished. There’s nothing more to it, that’s why I’m going to post Part 2 on Thursday and then Part 3 on Saturday. They’ll only be as short as this one.

Also, on the back of that, I got so much great feedback from Cutting Corners and that’s why I post these articles, so I can have feedback. If you read something you like/don’t like post a comment, it won’t take 5 minutes and I’ll be sure to reply.

Remember; BREAD Bread.

Happy Reading.

Nick 🙂


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