B.R.E.A.D. (Part 3)

09 Mar

If this is your first time visting my page, welcome! Also, this is the conclusion to the miniseries B.R.E.A.D. If you’re Thinking you’ve come to the wrong website, scroll down and read Part 1 and 2. You’ll understand then that I’m not just talking food. Although Bread is food and food is food…

Read them? You’ll probably guess that this article is about being Daring.



If you are daring, you’re willing to do and say things which are new to you or which require you to step out of your comfort zone.

Being Daring for God can do so many things, make so many oppourtinities, change so many people – even yourself.

Being Revolutionary starts something, a fire that can’t be stopped,
Being Ebullient changes other people’s opinions of you and God, it encourages people and makes people happy.
But without being Daring, the revolution won’t even start.

Being Daring is the root to the tree of Revolution. It holds everything together, in place, securely. Weak sense of Daring means weak roots. Strong sense of being Daring means strong roots.
Sometimes we don’t want to be daring for God because it means we look silly or we don’t know the consequences of what we do. But I tell you this, if it’s in the will of God, you can’t be broken down. If God is for you who can be against you?
Don’t worry about the consequences, if it’s in the will of God, just do it!

We all have a comfort zone. Some of us are restricted by giant walls of comfort. Some of us don’t have a huge wall, but we have something there, maybe just a few stones or pebbles. But, we all have a comfort zone. And we all have the power to overcome it.

A comfort zone can restict us from being Daring, the walls can keep us in.

Want to know how to overcome these walls of comfort?
Use the Ladder of the Lord.
That’s right, God is your key to getting out of this comfort zone, God is the key to becoming Daring.

Ok, That’s cheesy, but it’s the truth. In all seriousness, God is your answer to the walls of comfort. He broke the chains of death, he’ll deffinately break the bricks of self-security.

Raise The Faith
Tear Down The Walls.

Tears down the walls via BREAD.

This Paragraph could be one of the most important paragraphs I’ll ever write. Just remember this:
God tears down the walls of comfort, once they’re gone, be Daring and change the world through drastic acts. Once you’ve impacted somebody’s life, use Ebullience to show them that God is great and that he’ll continue to do great things. That is B.R.E.A.D. That’s the key to Revolution.

The first word of B.R.E.A.D. is Be.
Be, not Do.
Be revolutionary. Not just doing revolutionary things.
Be ebullient. Not just doing ebullient acts.
Be daring. Not just doing dares.

Don’t do BREAD acts.

Boom. That’s it. I hope you feel inspired to start a revolution for God.

Raise the Faith.

Thanks for reading.



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