Get Up. Get On.

06 Apr

Due to last week being Easter, I felt it was necessary to take a break from this series and do an extra special post. As some of you may know, that post was a video and I am hoping to do more video posts like that one.
The Last post in ‘Raise The Faith’ was ‘Raise The Bar’ and if you’ve not given it a read I suggest you do so.

So, we’ll pick up where we left off.
Sometimes, as Christians, (and Non-Christians, in fact) things can sometimes not go our way. We can act upon our judgement and things may turn out not the way we expected. The things we hoped and gave our all for didn’t actually come out the way we planned. And, unfortunately, this is a thing which will happen again and again when trying to raise the faith.

I was chatting to one of my leaders/close friends the other day and something cropped up and it is this:
Life isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, it’s about how many times you can get up when you’re tired, when you’re hurting but still keep moving forward to achieve what you set out to do in the first place.
(Yes, that’s a quote from Rocky. Thank you Sylvester Stallone)
But that’s right, raising the faith isn’t about how much passion you have. Passion is great, it’s the driving force of the situation but once you’ve been knocked down it’s your will power what gets you back on your feet.

Life is unfair. It’s hard, it’s brutal, it’s unfair. That’s for everybody, Christian or not. Life is hard, but you’ve got to have that will to just get up and get on with what you want to do. Don’t let the challenges of life keep you down. Get up! You can do it! It maybe hard, it may seem pointless, but you’ve just got to get up!

When you get up from a fall, you’re rising above it. You’re not just beating the challenge, you’re rising up, you’re raising yourself up and proving to others that you’re strong. See, when you get up from something that people know have hurt you, they admire that. They do. Trust me, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone, anyone, get up from something that has absolutely destroyed them inside. It’s so influencing and inspirational.

So, when you do that, when you get up from something that has killed you inside, you show people that you’re stronger than the pain that got you down, you show people that you can get up and you can get on.

Raising the faith is difficult. Getting Jesus known in the world is hard work, but you’ve got to have that unconditional will power to get up and keep doing the good work you’ve been called to do.
I encourage you. If you’re feeling like nothing’s going your way, you keep trying for something and it doesn’t work, try again. And again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again untill you succeed.

Happy Blogging.


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