Settled Storms

19 Oct

For the first time ever, I’m stumped for writing an introduction, so I’m just putting this to include one. Yep, I’m sorry about wasting 10 seconds of your life.

When you wait for a storm to settle you wait for it to calm down or pass by. Now, Imagine your faith as a storm. A storm lets everybody know that they’re there, it changes some things, it stirs something up. I’m not saying be destructive, what I’m saying is don’t have a settled faith, stir something up.
What are you settling for? Are you settling for something average? A mediocre faith? A border line relationship with God?

You weren’t created to settle down. Step it up! You were created to do greater things than this whether you’re on fire for God or not, the best is yet to come. You were created to achieve something higher, to bypass some expectations.
But you won’t bypass anything if you’re just fine with staying behind it. You won’t achieve your dreams if you’re just settled in not getting them, believe in yourself, you can do it! Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Plus, everything you need you already have; Jesus.

This Isn’t just a Christian thing, stepping up in faith. This is something that everyone can get something from. You can step up in your life; try harder in your jobs; be nicer to people; encourage your friends and the list goes on.
Don’t settle yourself with how society is or how society tells you how to be. A storm breaks everything that ever was. The bigger the storm, the more things that can be changed. The bigger your faith in God, the more things you can defy, the more expectations you can bypass, the more things you can stir up. The less settled a person’s faith is, the more influence they have towards others.
See, when your faith is unsettled and constantly achieving more and more, the Devil too starts to get unsettled; he starts getting agitated; he starts to get annoyed. I’m not saying he won’t try and put ideas in your head or try and bring you down, but if you keep close to God and keep that faith storm going on then he has no chance of bringing you down.
Step up! Take the next step. Start to stir some things up, because we know, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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