A Not So Farewell

26 Feb


Well, what can I say? This is a belated post. I was supposed to get this typed up and published on the 31st of November 2013 just so this blog would’ve been a year to the day. But it’s over 2 months late and I apologise.

We can be so comfortable sometimes doing the same things and just chugging along as we see fit. God can tell us to do something and we obey it, but then later down the line he might ask us to do something else. We can sometimes disobey this second thing because we’re so comfortable doing the first. This is me. For so long I’ve put off doing what God wants me to do now because I’ve been so focused on doing the first thing he asked me to do. I’ve been posting and updating my blog, but to be vulnerable with all you this isn’t where God wants me to be. He wants me to move onto bigger and greater things.

I love to write, I really do. But it’s not what I love, it’s what’s God has planned for me – that’s the most important.

I’ve been putting off this post for so long because I never really wanted to stop writing my blog, but it’s time for me to now wake up and start obeying what God has planned for me.

God’s will whatever, right?

You may feel the same though, hence the purpose of this post, you may feel like it’s time for you to step up. Trust me when I say the best thing for you to do is start obeying what God has planned for you.

Even when things seem foggy and you’ve not got the faintest idea where God wants you to go or what he wants you to do you’re just going to have to trust him. Simple as that.

It’s hard and it may seem confusing at first, but God never said it was going to be easy. He even said it’d be a struggle. But you know what reassures me when I begin to slip on this path that I can’t see, that’s there’s a Grace-Zone for me.

Sure things will be hard at first. I’ll slip, I’ll fall, but God is that safety net. Ready to catch me when I do fail. He’ll pick me up, dust me off and place me back on the path he wants me to take.

But it doesn’t just stop there. He’s my guide. Linking my arm and leading me. He’s that glorious light in that gloomy darkness.

How can I not follow a plan that will deliver me into a place that I cannot fathom. A place of beauty and awe that can make Kings fall to their knees. I want that and you know what’s even better, God wants that for me too.

It’s time for me and time for you to start following the plan God has got for us. It’s not going to be easy though; far from it. But God’s with us. He’ll protect us. He only gives us challenges we can handle anyway!

Why not?

So, this belated last post is coming to an end. But this might not be it. I might be back sometime in the future. God’s will over ours.

I guess that there’s nothing more to say than goodbye. But seeing as this might not be goodbye…

A not so farewell.

Take care. Nicholas. 🙂

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