The Filling

21 Jun

Filling: Something that leaves one feeling pleasantly satisfied.

“I’m full!” is a common expression said in our family. My 4 siblings are known to be ‘picky eaters’: “their eyes are bigger than their bellies” is also a familiar phrase that occurs in this family, normally said by Mr. J. Randall. When really “I’m full” doesn’t mean what it’s says, instead it means “I don’t like this.” or “I want something else” usually that of the sweet persuasion. And sometimes we can be a lot like that. Denying something that’s good and healthy for us because we want something easier or something that seems sweeter. But how many of us know that if you only have sweet things, you’ll get a horrendous tooth-ache. I’m a lover of sweets, chocolate and biscuits but the amount of times I’ve gone days without eating anything but these things and ended up ill are uncountable.

We can prioritise sometimes in our lives things that may seem sweet at the time but later on they are recognised as a bad thing for us. Whilst we’re choosing/doing the sweet thing we feel awesome! We feel full! But really that’s just a temporary filling. Something that we think has filled us but really it is just a hype, something that has stimulated us for a moment but afterwards we’re left wanting more; the next fix; the next dose. When we fill ourselves up on things that are temporary, we start to get ill and things start to go wrong.

We are lead by what we fill ourselves with. Fill yourself with pride, you’ll be lead by pride. Fill yourself with anger, you’ll be lead by anger. Fill yourself with love, you’ll be lead by love. You get the idea. Whatever we fill ourselves with is what we priortise too. I think it’s about time we start filling ourselves with the good things. Actually, no. We shouldn’t fill ourselves with good things, we should fill ourselves with the best thing: Jesus. Once we fill ourselves with the ultimate thing that’s when we’ll be lead to do great things. If you sow into yourself the most humble person to have ever lived, allow yourself to be lead by him then you’re going to reap so much humility it’s unfathomable. And it’s the same with all of Jesus’ traits. Love. Patience. Joy. Peace. Kindness. Self-Control. Fairness. Courage. Integrity. Contentment. The list goes on and on.

We don’t get a sense of satisfaction if we fill ourselves with inadequate, momentary things. As I said before it’s just hype. A build up… build up… Build up… Build Up… BUILD… BUILD… BUILD UP… BUILD UP! … then crash, anti-climax. Then we go through this insanity hoping for a different outcome, so we try again, the huge build up again and the same result. So we try again, and again, and again, and again. It’s absurd! This is what happens when we fill ourselves and commit to things that never give us a long term sense of gratification. It’s like we’re hungry for more. Hungry for something that doesn’t fill us. Which is ironic really. We fill ourselves with something that just makes us hungrier than when we first started. It’s like these fillings makes us feel empty.

So why don’t we start filling us with something that will actually fill us? You’ve got to admit, it makes sense.

Thanks for Reading, see you soon.

Nick. 🙂



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6 responses to “The Filling

  1. strengthandhonorapparel

    June 27, 2014 at 6:46 am

    How to fill up with more than just a feeling, with the only filling, that will fill you to satisfaction. Jesus:)

  2. strengthandhonorapparel

    June 27, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    Follow for a follow?

    • nickowilran

      June 27, 2014 at 9:24 pm

      Mate, I’m already following you. Haha. I don’t want you to follow my blog unless you truly want to. Follows are nothing to me, they’re inadequate. 🙂


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