Church Doesn’t Work

16 Oct

Controversial title, right?

This post isn’t supposed to try and inspire you; to make you feel empowered to go and change the world. It’s simply a thought I’ve harboured and dealt with. Plainly, this is a post to make you and I think and re-evaluate

Only by the grace of God is it that Church works. We, as Humans, are failures. A truth that seems to have been diluted in the modern Church. The same truth has just become part of ‘Church Language’ and maybe even as far as a cliché, the truth that we all fail and that we all sin.

Our very existence is sinful, so we can’t go through a 24 hour cycle without sinning. We can’t help it, that’s just how it is. But I don’t think this truth should be summed up with “That’s just how it is”. This is what I mean by the dilution.

I feel like some of us don’t truly grasp the sense being a failure. It literally means: nothing we can do can change it. Seriously, just pause for a moment and think about how much of a failure we are. I literally cannot comprehend how much of a failure I am, and I would hope you feel the same too. Don’t depress yourself out though, there’s that light at the end of the tunnel called grace. If you can’t comprehend how much of a failure you are, then you will surely not be able to grasp grace because God’s grace is so much more than that. But that’s another story for another day.

Let me tell you a true story. One Friday night after youth about 18 months ago I sat on my bed crying, speaking out to God, swearing, shouting, cursing him and cursing about Church: “Church doesn’t work!” (who better to vent to than God) was my main point mixed with a lot of wrong and unfair things towards God. Something had happened between me and another leader of youth and it upset me extremely, and I took it out on God and Church. The weekend passed by and on the Sunday evening I was praying and God said something to me: “Church shouldn’t work…” he said “…but it does, by my grace”. Boom. Serious Jesus moment right there.

And that truth still remains. A Church only works because of God’s grace for us and his knowledge about how much we fail. Even then there are flaws in a Church. Not because God’s grace isn’t sufficient, if he wanted to create the perfect Church, he would, but then we have lost our Humanity. If there is a perfect Church, there must be perfect people.

I could speak about that all day, I have so many other points but I’m aware that readers can get drowsy after 350 words and I’m now on 472, so I’ll keep this snappy.

But we are pathetic, nothing, nobody, sinners. And we are all the same, no person is better than you and you are better than no person. It doesn’t make you a better person because you are in Church, nor does it make you a better person or Christian if you are a ‘Leader’ or in a position of ‘Leadership’ (inverted commas because you can be appointed into a leadership role but not actually lead anyone, just thought I’d clarify that)

People in Church are just as much sinners as people outside of Church. Get that in your head Churchy People. Like seriously think about it.

And Unchurched people, let me tell you this, we are all failures. Some people from Church might think that they’re better than you because they go to Church, they’re not. Just let me throw that out there. Don’t let what they say put you off Church, God, Christianity etc because the reality is, not all Churches are like that. At all.

Word count is increasingly massively, so, I’ll leave you with this:

Church + God’s Grace = Church that works.
Just. It hangs on by it’s fingers. There are still flaws in that Church and there are still people in that Church that are complete d-bags. But it works.

I could talk about this all day.


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