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The Filling

Filling: Something that leaves one feeling pleasantly satisfied.

“I’m full!” is a common expression said in our family. My 4 siblings are known to be ‘picky eaters’: “their eyes are bigger than their bellies” is also a familiar phrase that occurs in this family, normally said by Mr. J. Randall. When really “I’m full” doesn’t mean what it’s says, instead it means “I don’t like this.” or “I want something else” usually that of the sweet persuasion. And sometimes we can be a lot like that. Denying something that’s good and healthy for us because we want something easier or something that seems sweeter. But how many of us know that if you only have sweet things, you’ll get a horrendous tooth-ache. I’m a lover of sweets, chocolate and biscuits but the amount of times I’ve gone days without eating anything but these things and ended up ill are uncountable.

We can prioritise sometimes in our lives things that may seem sweet at the time but later on they are recognised as a bad thing for us. Whilst we’re choosing/doing the sweet thing we feel awesome! We feel full! But really that’s just a temporary filling. Something that we think has filled us but really it is just a hype, something that has stimulated us for a moment but afterwards we’re left wanting more; the next fix; the next dose. When we fill ourselves up on things that are temporary, we start to get ill and things start to go wrong.

We are lead by what we fill ourselves with. Fill yourself with pride, you’ll be lead by pride. Fill yourself with anger, you’ll be lead by anger. Fill yourself with love, you’ll be lead by love. You get the idea. Whatever we fill ourselves with is what we priortise too. I think it’s about time we start filling ourselves with the good things. Actually, no. We shouldn’t fill ourselves with good things, we should fill ourselves with the best thing: Jesus. Once we fill ourselves with the ultimate thing that’s when we’ll be lead to do great things. If you sow into yourself the most humble person to have ever lived, allow yourself to be lead by him then you’re going to reap so much humility it’s unfathomable. And it’s the same with all of Jesus’ traits. Love. Patience. Joy. Peace. Kindness. Self-Control. Fairness. Courage. Integrity. Contentment. The list goes on and on.

We don’t get a sense of satisfaction if we fill ourselves with inadequate, momentary things. As I said before it’s just hype. A build up… build up… Build up… Build Up… BUILD… BUILD… BUILD UP… BUILD UP! … then crash, anti-climax. Then we go through this insanity hoping for a different outcome, so we try again, the huge build up again and the same result. So we try again, and again, and again, and again. It’s absurd! This is what happens when we fill ourselves and commit to things that never give us a long term sense of gratification. It’s like we’re hungry for more. Hungry for something that doesn’t fill us. Which is ironic really. We fill ourselves with something that just makes us hungrier than when we first started. It’s like these fillings makes us feel empty.

So why don’t we start filling us with something that will actually fill us? You’ve got to admit, it makes sense.

Thanks for Reading, see you soon.

Nick. 🙂



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Settled Storms

For the first time ever, I’m stumped for writing an introduction, so I’m just putting this to include one. Yep, I’m sorry about wasting 10 seconds of your life.

When you wait for a storm to settle you wait for it to calm down or pass by. Now, Imagine your faith as a storm. A storm lets everybody know that they’re there, it changes some things, it stirs something up. I’m not saying be destructive, what I’m saying is don’t have a settled faith, stir something up.
What are you settling for? Are you settling for something average? A mediocre faith? A border line relationship with God?

You weren’t created to settle down. Step it up! You were created to do greater things than this whether you’re on fire for God or not, the best is yet to come. You were created to achieve something higher, to bypass some expectations.
But you won’t bypass anything if you’re just fine with staying behind it. You won’t achieve your dreams if you’re just settled in not getting them, believe in yourself, you can do it! Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Plus, everything you need you already have; Jesus.

This Isn’t just a Christian thing, stepping up in faith. This is something that everyone can get something from. You can step up in your life; try harder in your jobs; be nicer to people; encourage your friends and the list goes on.
Don’t settle yourself with how society is or how society tells you how to be. A storm breaks everything that ever was. The bigger the storm, the more things that can be changed. The bigger your faith in God, the more things you can defy, the more expectations you can bypass, the more things you can stir up. The less settled a person’s faith is, the more influence they have towards others.
See, when your faith is unsettled and constantly achieving more and more, the Devil too starts to get unsettled; he starts getting agitated; he starts to get annoyed. I’m not saying he won’t try and put ideas in your head or try and bring you down, but if you keep close to God and keep that faith storm going on then he has no chance of bringing you down.
Step up! Take the next step. Start to stir some things up, because we know, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Thanks for reading,

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Called and Enthralled

I know I’ve not posted in ages, but I needed a break for my own personal reasons, but it doesn’t matter now because I’m back and ready to re-start up this blog. I know I left off mid-way through a series called ‘Raise the Faith’ and I’ve been praying about it and I think it’s better to leave it for a while. I will come back to it but sometime in the future as I don’t think I’ve got the best I can out of the subject so I don’t want to just rush it, so it’s a “To Be Continued…” moment. I’m starting this new 3 part series named ‘Called’. Notice how I’ve also changed the name of this blog because I’ve actually found a worthy name other than my ‘doctor from Oxford’ name. I also don’t normally do introductions this long, so new readers don’t fret I don’t waffle… that often.
We all have a calling, whether you know you’re calling or not, you do have one. If you know it – Great, go and fulfill it! If you don’t know your calling – Great – it’s all in God’s timing and if he’s not revealed it to you it’s because he’s waiting for the right time. But there’s two types of callings; Personal and Overall. The personal calling is something everyone will get and the overall calling everyone has. As Christians we’re all called to live out the one, true mission:
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” – Matthew 28:19.
If you’re enthralled by something, you enjoy it and give it your complete attention and interest. We need to get enthralled by this calling. This is the word of God. What a privilege to have God give us a calling, if that’s not something to get excited about I don’t know what is. Get passionate about making disciples, the more passionate, excited and enthralled you are the more of a reward you get when you see someone come to faith /become a disciple.
To make disciples you’re going to need to get passionate. Look at Jesus for instance; passion drove him to die on a cross. His passion created our lives. That very same passion granted us access into heaven. We could never achieve anything like that, because we’re not Jesus, that’s just the fact of the matter, but if we could have even a fraction of what Jesus’ passion was we can change the world.
Following your calling + Enthrallment and Passion = Changed lives. #NuffSaid

It’s about time we got passionate and excited about our calling.

Thanks for reading. See you next Saturday.


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Get Up. Get On.

Due to last week being Easter, I felt it was necessary to take a break from this series and do an extra special post. As some of you may know, that post was a video and I am hoping to do more video posts like that one.
The Last post in ‘Raise The Faith’ was ‘Raise The Bar’ and if you’ve not given it a read I suggest you do so.

So, we’ll pick up where we left off.
Sometimes, as Christians, (and Non-Christians, in fact) things can sometimes not go our way. We can act upon our judgement and things may turn out not the way we expected. The things we hoped and gave our all for didn’t actually come out the way we planned. And, unfortunately, this is a thing which will happen again and again when trying to raise the faith.

I was chatting to one of my leaders/close friends the other day and something cropped up and it is this:
Life isn’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, it’s about how many times you can get up when you’re tired, when you’re hurting but still keep moving forward to achieve what you set out to do in the first place.
(Yes, that’s a quote from Rocky. Thank you Sylvester Stallone)
But that’s right, raising the faith isn’t about how much passion you have. Passion is great, it’s the driving force of the situation but once you’ve been knocked down it’s your will power what gets you back on your feet.

Life is unfair. It’s hard, it’s brutal, it’s unfair. That’s for everybody, Christian or not. Life is hard, but you’ve got to have that will to just get up and get on with what you want to do. Don’t let the challenges of life keep you down. Get up! You can do it! It maybe hard, it may seem pointless, but you’ve just got to get up!

When you get up from a fall, you’re rising above it. You’re not just beating the challenge, you’re rising up, you’re raising yourself up and proving to others that you’re strong. See, when you get up from something that people know have hurt you, they admire that. They do. Trust me, nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing someone, anyone, get up from something that has absolutely destroyed them inside. It’s so influencing and inspirational.

So, when you do that, when you get up from something that has killed you inside, you show people that you’re stronger than the pain that got you down, you show people that you can get up and you can get on.

Raising the faith is difficult. Getting Jesus known in the world is hard work, but you’ve got to have that unconditional will power to get up and keep doing the good work you’ve been called to do.
I encourage you. If you’re feeling like nothing’s going your way, you keep trying for something and it doesn’t work, try again. And again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again untill you succeed.

Happy Blogging.


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Raise The Bar

This article is carrying on the series of Raise the Faith. If you don’t fully know what this series is about, click on the links on your right hand side and read what has already been published previous to this post in this series.

Raise the faith.

You can’t go somewhere without having a goal.
When you go on a journey, you map it out. You prepare where you’re going to go, what routes you shall take, etc. If you don’t prepare what you’re going to do then you’ll get lost or stumble into something unexpected.
To raise the faith, you need to set a goal. You need to know what you’re going to do before you do it so you don’t get lost.
You don’t just need any goal though, you need a goal that absolutely terrifies you.
We have a saying at our church: “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough” So, If your goal that you have set before you doesn’t scare you then it’s not big enough. You need to intensify it. Raise it up.
Raise the bar.

I hope you all understand what I mean when I say raise the bar:
The goal you have is your bar. Not a bar in a pub, a bar as in something you try not to headbutt when you walk under some scaff-holding… Yep, those bars.
Moving on, some goals are reachable and not terrifying at all, this is why your bar (or goal) needs to be risen to a new level. A level that when you look up it seems impossible to reach.

A height that seems impossible to reach.

It’s not impossible. Nothing is. If you truly believe you can achieve something, you will. I have no shadow of a doubt of that, if you want something so much, you can achieve it. But that’s another story for another day.
So, as I was saying, it may seem impossible to reach, but it’s not. With God nothing is impossible.
When you’ve got God on your side mountains move.
Nothing can stand against you with God on your side, so it’s not impossible to reach. – Again, that’s another story for another day.
Trying to stick to this subject, please excuse me if I go off on one.
One. One is a number. So is Four. Four begins with ‘F’ so does Food. And Food is Food.
Sorry, had to fit that in there.
Ok, subject… What subject? Oh, yeah, raising the bar.

Raising the bar means stepping outside of your comfort zone, again and again and again and again and again. Like I said in the last post, B.R.E.A.D, be daring. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to raise the faith.

Ok. So, the main message of this article is setting yourself up. Give yourself a goal that terrifies you. Ask God for help with it, you know you’ll prevail with him on your side.
Raising the Bar is the first step to Raising the Faith. Set yourself up.
If you don’t understand why you need to set a goal for yourself all will become clear over the next few posts.

Thanks for reading. Feedback appreciated.
Happy Blogging.



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B.R.E.A.D. (Part 3)

If this is your first time visting my page, welcome! Also, this is the conclusion to the miniseries B.R.E.A.D. If you’re Thinking you’ve come to the wrong website, scroll down and read Part 1 and 2. You’ll understand then that I’m not just talking food. Although Bread is food and food is food…

Read them? You’ll probably guess that this article is about being Daring.



If you are daring, you’re willing to do and say things which are new to you or which require you to step out of your comfort zone.

Being Daring for God can do so many things, make so many oppourtinities, change so many people – even yourself.

Being Revolutionary starts something, a fire that can’t be stopped,
Being Ebullient changes other people’s opinions of you and God, it encourages people and makes people happy.
But without being Daring, the revolution won’t even start.

Being Daring is the root to the tree of Revolution. It holds everything together, in place, securely. Weak sense of Daring means weak roots. Strong sense of being Daring means strong roots.
Sometimes we don’t want to be daring for God because it means we look silly or we don’t know the consequences of what we do. But I tell you this, if it’s in the will of God, you can’t be broken down. If God is for you who can be against you?
Don’t worry about the consequences, if it’s in the will of God, just do it!

We all have a comfort zone. Some of us are restricted by giant walls of comfort. Some of us don’t have a huge wall, but we have something there, maybe just a few stones or pebbles. But, we all have a comfort zone. And we all have the power to overcome it.

A comfort zone can restict us from being Daring, the walls can keep us in.

Want to know how to overcome these walls of comfort?
Use the Ladder of the Lord.
That’s right, God is your key to getting out of this comfort zone, God is the key to becoming Daring.

Ok, That’s cheesy, but it’s the truth. In all seriousness, God is your answer to the walls of comfort. He broke the chains of death, he’ll deffinately break the bricks of self-security.

Raise The Faith
Tear Down The Walls.

Tears down the walls via BREAD.

This Paragraph could be one of the most important paragraphs I’ll ever write. Just remember this:
God tears down the walls of comfort, once they’re gone, be Daring and change the world through drastic acts. Once you’ve impacted somebody’s life, use Ebullience to show them that God is great and that he’ll continue to do great things. That is B.R.E.A.D. That’s the key to Revolution.

The first word of B.R.E.A.D. is Be.
Be, not Do.
Be revolutionary. Not just doing revolutionary things.
Be ebullient. Not just doing ebullient acts.
Be daring. Not just doing dares.

Don’t do BREAD acts.

Boom. That’s it. I hope you feel inspired to start a revolution for God.

Raise the Faith.

Thanks for reading.



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B.R.E.A.D. (Part 2)

This is part 2 of 3 of the miniseries, B.R.E.A.D. If you’re not completely sure what I’m talking about, scroll down and read part 1, all will be revealed.

Read Part one? Understand about being Revolutionary?
Then I predict you know what’s coming in this article. Being Ebullient.



If you describe someone as being Ebullient, you mean that they are lively and full of enthusiasm or excitement about something.
Being Revolutionary is about starting a fire, being Ebullient is about being happy, excited, enthusiastic, cherpy, lively. Get it?

When you plant a seed for a tree, the tree doesn’t come straight away, you need to keep watering and investing into it.
It’s like this with starting a revolution.
You plant the seed of revolution, but it wont come straight away, you need to water it. Water it with ebullience.

‘The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy’ – Psalm 126:3

How can you not be Ebullient? When God has done so many great things for you. He gave you life, he gave his son, he gave you salvation, he constantly forgives you, he protects you, he heals you, he helps you… and the list goes on and on and on.
You’ve got to be happy once you’ve realized what God has done for you!
Just sit for a minute after reading this and just think of all the doors God has opened for you, all the things he has dealt with all the ways he has helped you or helped you achieve something. I bet you can’t think of them all. God is Good.

The best way to Raise the faith is stick to B.R.E.A.D. And one of those things is being ebullient, be happy.
Even if things aren’t going your way, God has put the problem there for a reason. He won’t forsake you, so stop trying to figure out why something’s going wrong. God loves you and that’s it, just trust him.

Also, when you’re happy and enthusiastic about starting a revolution, it seems a lot easier to achieve. When you’re sad and miserable, you don’t really want to do anything, you feel sluggish.
But try to change that attitude, try to see the brighter side of life – because there is one!

Happiness = Happiness.
Sadness = Sadness.

Understand? If you’re happy towards things, in the long run, you will be happy. And vice versa, if you’re sad and you don’t want to do things, you’ll be sad with what yourself. Trust me, I’ve been there myself.

I hope this has helped.
Part 3 will be up here on Saturday. Make sure you give it a read!

Again, if you’ve liked/disliked anything you’ve read feel free to comment. I love to read people’s thoughts and opinions.

Happy Reading.

Nick-Will 🙂


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