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The Filling

Filling: Something that leaves one feeling pleasantly satisfied.

“I’m full!” is a common expression said in our family. My 4 siblings are known to be ‘picky eaters’: “their eyes are bigger than their bellies” is also a familiar phrase that occurs in this family, normally said by Mr. J. Randall. When really “I’m full” doesn’t mean what it’s says, instead it means “I don’t like this.” or “I want something else” usually that of the sweet persuasion. And sometimes we can be a lot like that. Denying something that’s good and healthy for us because we want something easier or something that seems sweeter. But how many of us know that if you only have sweet things, you’ll get a horrendous tooth-ache. I’m a lover of sweets, chocolate and biscuits but the amount of times I’ve gone days without eating anything but these things and ended up ill are uncountable.

We can prioritise sometimes in our lives things that may seem sweet at the time but later on they are recognised as a bad thing for us. Whilst we’re choosing/doing the sweet thing we feel awesome! We feel full! But really that’s just a temporary filling. Something that we think has filled us but really it is just a hype, something that has stimulated us for a moment but afterwards we’re left wanting more; the next fix; the next dose. When we fill ourselves up on things that are temporary, we start to get ill and things start to go wrong.

We are lead by what we fill ourselves with. Fill yourself with pride, you’ll be lead by pride. Fill yourself with anger, you’ll be lead by anger. Fill yourself with love, you’ll be lead by love. You get the idea. Whatever we fill ourselves with is what we priortise too. I think it’s about time we start filling ourselves with the good things. Actually, no. We shouldn’t fill ourselves with good things, we should fill ourselves with the best thing: Jesus. Once we fill ourselves with the ultimate thing that’s when we’ll be lead to do great things. If you sow into yourself the most humble person to have ever lived, allow yourself to be lead by him then you’re going to reap so much humility it’s unfathomable. And it’s the same with all of Jesus’ traits. Love. Patience. Joy. Peace. Kindness. Self-Control. Fairness. Courage. Integrity. Contentment. The list goes on and on.

We don’t get a sense of satisfaction if we fill ourselves with inadequate, momentary things. As I said before it’s just hype. A build up… build up… Build up… Build Up… BUILD… BUILD… BUILD UP… BUILD UP! … then crash, anti-climax. Then we go through this insanity hoping for a different outcome, so we try again, the huge build up again and the same result. So we try again, and again, and again, and again. It’s absurd! This is what happens when we fill ourselves and commit to things that never give us a long term sense of gratification. It’s like we’re hungry for more. Hungry for something that doesn’t fill us. Which is ironic really. We fill ourselves with something that just makes us hungrier than when we first started. It’s like these fillings makes us feel empty.

So why don’t we start filling us with something that will actually fill us? You’ve got to admit, it makes sense.

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Nick. 🙂



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Settled Storms

For the first time ever, I’m stumped for writing an introduction, so I’m just putting this to include one. Yep, I’m sorry about wasting 10 seconds of your life.

When you wait for a storm to settle you wait for it to calm down or pass by. Now, Imagine your faith as a storm. A storm lets everybody know that they’re there, it changes some things, it stirs something up. I’m not saying be destructive, what I’m saying is don’t have a settled faith, stir something up.
What are you settling for? Are you settling for something average? A mediocre faith? A border line relationship with God?

You weren’t created to settle down. Step it up! You were created to do greater things than this whether you’re on fire for God or not, the best is yet to come. You were created to achieve something higher, to bypass some expectations.
But you won’t bypass anything if you’re just fine with staying behind it. You won’t achieve your dreams if you’re just settled in not getting them, believe in yourself, you can do it! Don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. Plus, everything you need you already have; Jesus.

This Isn’t just a Christian thing, stepping up in faith. This is something that everyone can get something from. You can step up in your life; try harder in your jobs; be nicer to people; encourage your friends and the list goes on.
Don’t settle yourself with how society is or how society tells you how to be. A storm breaks everything that ever was. The bigger the storm, the more things that can be changed. The bigger your faith in God, the more things you can defy, the more expectations you can bypass, the more things you can stir up. The less settled a person’s faith is, the more influence they have towards others.
See, when your faith is unsettled and constantly achieving more and more, the Devil too starts to get unsettled; he starts getting agitated; he starts to get annoyed. I’m not saying he won’t try and put ideas in your head or try and bring you down, but if you keep close to God and keep that faith storm going on then he has no chance of bringing you down.
Step up! Take the next step. Start to stir some things up, because we know, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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True Love

This is just a short one but something I thought was worth sharing.
True love is something we all feel or will feel. Whether it’s for a person, cause or object, true love is in our nature, but what is True Love?

If something is true, it’s 100%, it’s pure, there’s nothing fake or false about it because it’s true. So true love is 100% love, pure love.
Having true love for something means you love it whole heartedly, this can be for anything, as said before. So, if you have true love for someone you love all of them. You don’t just love certain things about them but you love everything about them. If you have true love for a cause you devote your whole self to it, everything you have, everything you are.

So, I challenge you today, do you have true love for God? Do you love him 100% and devote your whole self to his cause? Or do you just half love him? You’re willing to do some things but not everything he asks? I hate to say it, but some Christians are like that. I’m not going to go All-Caps rage on you, don’t worry. I accept why some people may be like that. They’re just insecurities.
   Whole life discipleship means you need to love God with your whole heart. You need to devote your whole life to him. Don’t leave any bit of love from God, for we know he does deserve our best and our full, 100% love. Don’t let there be a hole in your whole.

That’s it, but just think on that this week, do you have true love for God? Do you love him with your whole heart?

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Called and Chosen

This is the conclusion to the series of ‘Called’. If you’ve liked/disliked anything in this series let me know by dropping a comment at the bottom. The reason I’m posting today is because I’m going to a gig on Friday night so I’ll probably sleep all day on Saturday. Just thought you’d like to know.
If you’re called to something; called over by someone they’ve chosen you specifically because you’re needed.
You’re needed, you’re significant, God has chosen you specifically because he needs someone exactly like you.

“The Kingdom of heaven in like a king who has prepared a banquet…” – Matthew 22:2
“…Many where invited but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:14

The Kingdom of heaven is like a banquet (as said in Matthew 22:2) or a party and everyone is invited. The whole world are invited to the kingdom of heaven, that’s just God’s grace; no matter who you are, you’re invited to be in the kingdom of heaven, but the few chosen are those who have RSVP’d to the invite, God’s followers.

We all know that it’s a privilege to be in God’s kingdom, but because we’re now there, it’s time we started acting like it, because we’ve been chosen it gives us a calling. (The Overall calling mentioned 2 weeks ago in the post of ‘Called and Enthralled’)

If you live out God’s calling he’ll bless you, the Bible says he glorifies those who follow his ways. I’m not saying only live like God wants you to for a reward because that’s not what it’s about, I can’t explain what it’s about, but when you start to be obedient to God you’ll understand what I’m talking about, it has it’s own rewards.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28
There’s truth right there. God will bless you if you live out his purpose. Move forward in purpose. Not backwards, nor left or right, forwards, move forward in purpose.

Here’s a nice cheesy analogy for you:
Jesus is your compass, always telling you which way is north or forward. It’s never changing, always pointing one way, always telling you to move forward, to not look back, but to keep moving, to not give up. Keep going forward, forward in purpose. Stick with Jesus and you won’t go wrong at all.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Nicko 🙂

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Called and Equipped

This is part 2 of the 3 part series ‘Called’. I hope you enjoy what you read and I’d love it if you gave me some feedback afterwards. Just drop a comment.
As Christians we’re all called to take up our cross. This basically means living out the mission (as explained in last week’s post).
“Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said ‘If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul?’” – Mark 8:34-36
Jesus will save your soul if you take up your cross, so it’s vital that you make the decision to do so. Taking up your cross can not only change your life and enhance your spiritual growth but it can also change the lives of those around you. Think of taking up your cross like a bright light. Once you’ve taken it up you start shining a light onto people, a light that helps them see, a light they don’t want to lose so they follow it. When you follow Jesus, others will follow you.
3 points to help you take up your cross:
1) Stick with Jesus.
Sticking with Jesus will mean that you’ll have no confusion in where he wants you to go. If you stick with him and keep praying and asking him where he wants you to go, he’ll give you the directions. Just like a map. Jesus is your map along the long winding road telling you where to go. But don’t forget to keep checking the map if you’re on the right track because you don’t want to get lost.
2) Stick with Jesus.
Taking up your cross can be an intimidating task. You’ll face obstacles and scary points along your path and this is why you need to stick with Jesus. Jesus can help you overcome these obstacles and get out of the dark places. Jesus is your guide.
3) Stick with Jesus.
Along your road you’re going to need supplies and equipment. Stick with Jesus as he can fulfil your every need. Just put your trust in him. Remember though, you don’t need to be perfect to take up your cross. Jesus didn’t call the equipped, he equipped the called. So Jesus will give you everything you need to take up your cross, he’ll equip you with everything that’s essential for this journey of faith if you stick with him.
Taking up your cross is essential in a walk with God. I urge you to do it, you won’t regret it, sure you’ll come to some bad times, but what you reap will be so much greater than any obstacle.

Thanks for Reading,


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